Rush Hour 3 (2007) 720p BRRip Dual Audio (English Hindi) Full Movie

Rush Hour 3 (2007) 720p BRRip Dual Audio (English Hindi) Full Movie

Rush Hour 3 (2007) 720p BRRip Dual Audio (English Hindi) Full Movie
Rush Hour 3 2007
2007 ‧ Thriller/Action ‧ 1h 31m
6.2/10  IMDb
Initial release: 10 August 2007 (USA)
Director: Brett Ratner
Produced by: Roger Birnbaum, Michael, Jonathan, Jay Stern, Arthur M., Andrew Z. Davis
Starring: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker
Language: Hindi, English

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Story: Three years after the events of Rush Hour 2, In Los Angeles. Chinese Ambassador Solon Han, with Hong Kong Police Force Chief Inspector Lee as his bodyguard, addresses the importance of fighting. The Triads at the World Criminal Court, announcing that he may know the whereabouts of Shy Shen. A semi-mythical individual of great importance to the Chinese mob. Before announcing, an unknown assassin uses a sniper rifle on Han without being seen, disrupting the conference.

Lee chases the shooter and corners him, discovering that the assassin is his childhood Japanese foster brother Kenji. When Lee hesitates to shoot Kenji. He makes his escape when LAPD Detective James Carter arrives to intervene.Lee learns that Han will make a full recovery in the hospital, as the bullet hit his shoulder.

Han’s daughter, Soo-Yung now grown up as an adult arrives and makes Lee and Carter promise to capture the one behind the shooting. On Soo-Yung’s insistence, Lee and Carter then go to the Kung Fu studio. Where Soo-Yung teaches to find an envelope entrusted to her by Han. They meet the old master, who informs the duo that the Triads took Soo-Yung’s belongings. Lee and Carter arrive in the hospital just in time to intercept a gang of French speaking assassins who attempted to kill Soo-Yung and Han.

Lee and Carter defeat the assassins and interrogate one of them with the help of a French speaking nun, Sister Agnes. For her protection, they take Soo-Yung to the French Embassy and leave her under the care of Reynard. The French ambassador and the chairman of the World Criminal Court. When a car bomb nearly kills Reynard and Soo-Yung The duo decides to go to Paris to investigate. Rush Hour 3 (2007)

In Paris, after undergoing a painful cavity search from Parisian Commissioner Revi. Lee and Carter meet George, a taxi driver, who is staunchly critical of Americans. After Carter forces George to help. He drives them to a Triad hideout. Once there, Lee is tricked by a mob assassin named Jasmine, who claims to have information about Shy Shen, with Carter’s intervention saving Lee when she attempted to kill him.

Lee and Carter attempt to escape the Triads, having convinced a terrified George that they need his help, but are ultimately captured by Kenji’s men. Kenji offers to let them live if the two leave Paris immediately, but Lee refuses and, in a short struggle, he and Carter escape their captivity. The duo recuperate at a hotel, where Lee reveals his relationship with Kenji to Carter, but decides that his help is not needed.

When Lee and Carter bring Geneviève to Reynard, they find out that he has been working with the Triads all along. Kenji calls and informs Lee that he has captured Soo-Yung and that he would like to exchange her for Geneviève. Rush Hour 3 (2007)

Lee arrives at the exchange point, the Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, with Carter disguised as Geneviève. Kenji challenges Lee to a sword fight, during which the two fall off the tower and into a safety net. Kenji’s sword cuts the safety net open and the two men are left hanging on what remains of the net. Lee wishes to save his foster brother, but Kenji says goodbye and lets go, falling to his death as Lee watches. Rush Hour 3 (2007)

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